Amarillo Babysitting Service

Congratulations if you have found a reliable, long-term and safe babysitter! We know by our own experience how hard those can be to find. It was out of our own need that we opened up SeekingSitters Amarillo.
We are an Amarillo Area Babysitting Referral Service that takes the work out of finding sitters. Whether you need a one-time sitter, part-time sitter, full-time sitter or last minute sitter, we work to customize the solution for you!
Easy. SeekingSitters provides convenience to busy families by offering online services for scheduling, invoice tracking and sitter profile review.
Safe. Every SeekingSitters approved Professional Sitter undergoes an extensive interview process and intense background screening by private investigators through our Xcheck Extreme Character Screening before acceptance into the Babysitting Team.
Fun. 100% of a sitter's time is devoted to the children. They will tailor their babysitting job to your family and your child. The sitter uses their time by engaging in play or creative activities with the children. TV time is kept to an absolute minimum and talking on the cell phone or with visitors is prohibited. Our sitters take their job very seriously. Our sitters are NOT there to just sit!